About the workshop:

You will understand the 3 fundamental reasons WHY people don’t get what they want in life and ‘HOW TO’ overcome them. You will get a deep understanding of Manifestation and the Law of Attraction and How to harness the unlimited power of Manifestation.

Understanding and using the fundamentals steps for Manifesting.          

  • Visual Manifestation
  • Verbal Manifestation
  • Audio Manifestation
  • Identify and reset your Set-Points in life
  • Creating a Manifestation

The 11 powerful ways of the conscious creation process. Understand & harness the basic laws of the universe.

  • Law of Vibration
  • Law of Attraction
  • Law of Free Will
  • Law of Allowance
  • Law of Receiving
  • Law of Self
  • Law of Focus
  • Law of Creation
  • Law of Gratitude
  • Law of Abundance
  • Law of ONE

Discover the World’s easiest and most effective Money Management System leading to Financial Freedom for life. You will discover and unblock all your blocks which stop you from creating the life you want. Identify limiting beliefs life scarcity unworthiness and hard work. ALIGN YOUR ENERGIES TO YOUR GOALS.

To finally create the life you want in the areas of


A Brand New Workshop, ADVANCED MANIFESTATION by Rahul Jain for the First Time is scheduled as mentioned below:

Workshop : Advanced Manifestation
Day & Date : Saturday,  July11, 2020
Location : Live Webinar
Contact : +919560806807

 **(ONLY ENROLL if you have attended the Basic Manifestation Workshop, the Advanced Manifestation Workshop will be irrelevant if you have not attended the Basic Workshop)

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Contact : BCI Helpline: +91-9560806807
E-mail : kritika@bcoachindia.com