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For the first time, Entrepreneurs have a true Business Mastery Intensive Workshop, which answers their questions, solving all the challenges they face in Business. Providing them with the following results:

  • Run your Business Operations Working One Day a Week &


When we start the workshop, the participants are sure that this is not possible, or at least not for their business,
But by the end, EVERYONE proudly declares that now they can NOW DOUBLE THEIR PROFITS.

And We guarantee that you will say the same.


  • Never forget any task or information.
  • Eliminate your To-Do list and learn the 5 tools which will manage your tasks.
  • The one super tool to finish all your task on time.
  • Manage all your E-mails, in one hour per day.
  • Eliminating all the coordination and follow ups which eat up 80% of your time.
  • Get your staff to finish delegated tasks without your follow up.
  • Master implementation such that 80% of small Projects/ideas get implemented.
  • Implementation and timely completion where others are involved. Handle all the meetings
    (Big and small) and ensure they do not suck up your time.
  • How to handle your staff walking into your cabin all day long.
  • Go from not having time to having an abundance of time in life.
  • Lead a stress-free life.


  • How to hire good talent at the lowest cost, and people would love to work for you.
  • Create an effective and easy to implement HR policy for your company.
  • The 2 tools to train employees in 1 week so that they can take over completely.
  • Create a professional Organisational Structure .
  • The science of eliminating all conflict between owners.
  • The 4 parameters that will create KRA’s(Key Responsibility Areas) & KPI’s(Key Performance Indicators)
    for each employee.
  • Create a magical increment system so that you don’t have to haggle with employees during salary increment.
  • The secret of eliminating conflict and politics in the organization.
  • Why does senior management blackmail you? And how to stop it permanently.
  • The simple tool for your team to start taking decisions instead of running to you for small business.
  • The Magic formula to create Leaders in your company.
  • Employees start coming to office on time.
  • All your employees will start performing without having to chase them.
  • Recreate your relationship with your team.
  • Align your team with your company goals.
  • Create a new Company culture.
  • Create a world-class training system for each process of your business.
  • How to map all the skill set existing and required in the company.
  • How to set up regular Skill Set upgrading programs.
  • How to create a healthy exist system for all employees, such that they become brand ambassadors for your company even after leaving.


  • A collection system that ensures 80% of your collection is on time.
  • Set up a system to get the TRUE Gross and Net Profit each month.
  • Get verified accounts data on demand every time.
  • Get all your taxes paid on time.
  • Create a foolproof Accounts system for all accounting tasks to get done every time without delay.
  • Eliminate corruption in accounts department.
  • How to manage the cash flow in the company.
  • Take total control of the cash flow in the company.
  • Set up a system such that you sign cheques twice a month and your vendors are happier.
  • Create a Cash Reserve Account.
  • Start the process to Eliminate the C.C. limit in the company.


  • Understand why vendors deliver late and make them deliver on time, without follow up.
  • Control vendor quality the way multinationals do.
  • Create a vendor management system that ensures they see you as a great pay master even if you don’t pay them each time.
  • How to regularly create New Vendors.
  • Have extra vendors waiting to serve you- no more vendor blackmail.
  • Get 60% of your current vendors to reduce their pricing.


  • Create benchmark time for all clients related issues.
  • Create a system for all client issues to get attended.
  • Ensure all client issues get handled within the benchmark time.
  • Eventually, create a world class PROACTIVE SYSTEM for your office to call the client before the problem arises.
  • Client will nearly stop calling you for their problems; your team will be able to handle all of this.


  • Benchmark all the preventive maintenance schedules.
  • All preventive Maintenance gets done on time- breaks down nearly vanish.
  • Create a training process for all preventive and breakdown maintenance processes.
  • Automate all repetitive tasks like Administrative, Environmental, Legal etc.
  • Office supplies get managed and do not finish.


  • Set up systems, so that your business works with or without you.
  • Discover the 4 parameters to get your team to take responsibility & deliver the results you want without follow up.
  • The BLAME Game in your company stops.
  • All employees become replaceable and work doesn’t suffer if anybody leaves.
  • Reduce Fixed Cost by 30%.
  • Eliminate corruption in Purchase Department.
  • Manage your supply chain such that Raw Material and Finished Goods never finish.
  • Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs by 30%.
  • The Company will start Delivering Quality and Quantity on TIME EVERY TIME.
  • No more Emergencies or Fire Fighting in the company.
  • Get daily/weekly/monthly/ VERIFIED DATA about each process/ department.
  • Create the Dashboard to monitor Performance of each employee.
  • Create a system, which eliminates 80% of Human Intelligence from the processes.
  • While you have total control of every area of your Business.
  • Ensure that all the systems are followed. (Biggest Challenge in Business are that employees don’t follow systems).
  • Finally setting up a completely world class Professional Business.
  • Eventually getting to a point where you can RUN YOUR BUSINESS OPERATIONS WORKING ONE DAY A WEEK.


    • Build the 3 fundamentals of winning Marketing Campaign.
    • Create an unlimited Marketing Budget.
    • Your prospects are looking for you all the time – Create a system to reach out to them.
    • Create a regular supply of fresh leads.
    • Make it Rain Referrals.
    • Create a system to record each enquiry and ensure that all follow-ups are complete.
    • Create a Winning Pitch, which converts these leads into meetings.
    • Get control of the right matrix to measure the performance of each sales person.
    • Create a Sales Funnel(From lead generation to order) such that leads don’t drop.
    • Equip the sales team with the 7 Sales Tools which doubles their conversion ratios.
    • The 4 sure shot ways of client retention such that you don’t lose clients.
    • Have each client call you every time he has a requirement.
    • Understanding that it is impossible to grow sales by asking your sales team to increase No. of clients or Revenue(Rs.) targets.
    • Discover the REAL way to increase the results from your existing sales team by more than 100%.
    • Identify the right client segment where you can provide maximum value and also get maximum PRICE.
    • Put yourself in a different league where competition doesn’t matter and the client is willing to pay you more.


  • This is a practical 4 Day, workshop especially designed to create results for business owners.
  • There will be extensive exercises during the workshop to ensure that the concepts are not only clear but you experience their implementation during the workshop.
  • By the end of the workshop, you would have a clear understanding and a detailed action plan of how to implement the learnings in your Business.
  • There would be lots of group activities for effective learning. You will walk out with clear understanding all the tools & detailed ACTION PLAN “HOW TO”.
  • Run your Business Operations Working One Day a Week & DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS EVERY YEAR.

The risk is ours- Money Back Guarantee

Duration of the workshop- 4 days.

By the Afternoon of the second day of the program, if you don’t find the value, we will give you a complete refund. No Question Asked.

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