Business Mastery Program

8 Months Workshop

Started From 16th June’ 20

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R U Worried

Are you frustrated, worried and angry because

  • Business seems to be stagnating OR not growing as you would like.
  • Sales team does not achieve targets.
  • Loss of orders due to poor Client Follow Up.
  • Can’t generate enough leads or fix enough appointment.
  • The sales team does not generate enough New Clients.
  • Growing Competition.
  • Costs are going up and margins are shrinking.
  • Payments don’t come in on time.
  • You have to constantly follow up to get all the work done.
  • You wonder if your employees are working for you or are you working for them.
  • Deliveries do not happen on time.
  • If delivery happens the Quality is not OK.
  • Due to which, there are emergencies and fire fighting all day.
  • You go back home and wonder what did you really do all day.

  • Your TO-DO list keeps expanding.
  • Accounting activities like Taxes, etc. do not get done on time.
  • There is a regular cash crunch in the business.
  • You do not have the right team.
  • You are not able to find good people.
  • Your employees do not perform.
  • Your company has become a training center where people join, get trained and leave.
  • You constantly have to inspire, motivate or shout at employees and they work for some time and then come back to their old patterns.
  • Increments and Appraisal time is a big struggle every year.
  • Your Senior employees are in control and you live in constant fear – what if they leave.
  • There is no satisfaction of growing the Business.
  • No time for yourself or family.

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Business Mastery Program
Started From – 16th June ( Live Webinar)

Effective Selling Skill
Started From – 31st July ( Live Webinar)

BCI Helpline : 9560806807

Are you struggling with this problems and want to get rid of them?

BCI Helpline : 9560806807 or Fill up the form to enroll for the One day workshop.

Solutions Of Our Workshop

The Solution: “Business Mastery Program”

● This is a practical result oriented workshop.

  • This is a practical result oriented workshop.
  • There will be extensive Exercises, Tools, etc. to ensure that the concepts are clear and you have the experience of implementing during the workshop.
  • You will walk out with a clear understanding & detailed ACTION PLAN of “HOW TO”.

Run your Business Operations Working One Day a Week &

When we start the workshop, the participants are sure that this is not possible, or at least not for their business, But by the end EVERYONE proudly declare that now they can NOW DOUBLE THEIR PROFITS.

And We Guarantee that you will say the same.

Run your business operations 1 day a week!!!

Run your business operations working
1 day a week!!!

  • Set up systems, so that the business works & you don’t have to.
  • Discover the key to get your team to deliver the results you want, without having to chase them.
  • How to stop all the coordination you have to do all day long.
  • How to hire good talent at the lowest cost, and people would love to work for you.
  • The 2 tools to train employees in 1 week so they can take over completely.
  • All employees become replaceable, i.e. work doesn’t suffer if somebody leaves.
  • HOD’s and senior management can no longer blackmail you.
  • The secret of eliminating conflict & politics in the organization.
  • Create a increment system so that you don’t have to haggle with employees for salary increment.
  • Get all your taxes paid on time and chances of corruption in accounts are eliminated.
  • Ensure all Government compliances get done every time without delay.
  • How to handle the cash crunch in the company.
  • Create a foolproof Accounts system for all accounting activities to get done every time without delay.

  • A Collection System that ensures 80% of your collection are on time.
  • How to Reduce Fixed Cost by 30%.
  • How to handle staff walking into your cabin all day long.
  • Manage all your E-mails, in one hour per day.
  • Ensure that all the systems are followed. (Biggest challenge in business are that employees don’t follow systems).
  • No more delays in Delivery – Get ON TIME DELIVERY.
  • Quality gets Delivered every time.
  • When this happens – Instead of HANDLING Emergencies or Fire Fighting you will ELIMINATE the emergencies & fires.
  • While you are in total control of every area of your Business.
  • No phone calls, no email.
  • Time with your Family, Friends and most important time for yourself.

Finally setting up a completely professional Business.

Once your Business is on AUTO-PILOT, You have 5 Days FREE every Week, to focus on DOUBLING YOUR PROFITS.

Do you want to enroll in the Half day workshop to end all problems and start growing your business?

BCI Helpline : 9560806807 or Fill up the form to enroll for the One day workshop.

Double Your Profit

Double your profits !!!

  • Build the 3 fundamentals of a winning Marketing campaign.
  • Create an unlimited Marketing budget.
  • Your prospects are looking for you all the time – Create a system to reach out to them.
  • Create a regular supply of fresh leads.
  • Make it Rain Referrals.
  • Create a winning Pitch which converts these leads into meetings.
  • Create a Sales Funnel (from lead generation to order) such that leads don’t drop.
  • Equip the sales team with the 7 Sales Tools, which doubles their conversion ratio.
  • Have each client call you every time he has a requirement.
  • The 4 sure shot ways of client retention such that you don’t lose clients.

  • Understanding that it is impossible to grow sales by asking your sales team to increase No. of clients or by Revenue (Rs.) targets.
  • Discover the REAL way to increase the results from your existing sales team by more than 100%.
  • Identify the right client segment where you provide maximum value and also get maximum PRICE.
  • Put yourself in a different league where competition doesn’t matter and the client is willing to pay you more.
  • Wipe out all competition, putting yourself in a different league where competition does not matter.
  • Discover the 5 Critical Parameters, which will Double your Profits .
  • Consolidating all of this into a Sales Engine, which will sustain this growth.

Rahul Jain

About Rahul Jain

He is the the pioneer of Business Coaching in India.

He conceptualized Business Coaching India in 2004, Over the last 16 years, he has coached over 17000+ business owners, across all verticals.

He is a professional with over 24 years’ hands-on experience with blue chip companies such as TATA MOTORS and then as a serial entrepreneur.
He has a wide range of experience in diverse industries and products ranging from training, manufacturing, insurance, direct sales, designing, to setting up distribution and retail channels.

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Do you want to get these results for your business too like 17000+ other business owners?

BCI Helpline : 9560806807or Fill up the form to enroll for the One day workshop.

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Profit Quadrupled (Increased 4 Times) in 1 year
Reduced Costs considerably using Techniques taught in the Workshop
Got 35 New clients & Revived 25 Big old Clients using the Sales & Marketing Strategies

Amit Gupta
Vrinda Paper, CEO

Some Results Which Participants got over the last 16 years

Vineet Chanana-Ambience Airtech (P) Ltd

Jagmohan Singh – Partner JDA & Company

Mohit Jain-Anil Agencies (P) Ltd

Sumit Maini- West Way Electronics

Business Coaching India

Coached over 17000+ Business Owners across all verticals

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